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About Us

Luken Communications is a national multicast television network provider offering a wide range of programming choices. Luken Communications has the capacity of reaching over 85 million households covering 80 percent of the country. In 2005, Retro Television Network was one of the first digital broadcast networks launched. Today, Luken Communications has seven networks, each targeting a unique segment of consumers.

Our variety of family friendly networks includes:

• RetroTV - Featuring the best in classic television
• The Heartland Network - America’s home for country music and lifestyle programming
• The Family Channel - Legendary movies and programs for the whole family
• REV'N - TV geared toward the performance automotive enthusiast, featuring cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, events, auctions, and more!
• Frost Great Outdoors (FGO) - Featuring hunting, camping, fishing and great outdoor entertainment
• The Action Channel - Targeting men’s interests (sports, lifestyles, movies, etc)

Advertising with Luken Communications provides the following unique advantages:

• Multicast networks, offering a unique combination of over-the-air, cable and satellite viewers
• Associate your brands with favorite TV classics
• Customized sponsorship opportunities including family friendly programming
• National commercials for a fraction of traditional advertising costs
• Multiple networks to target specific audiences