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About Us

Luken Communications is a national multicast television network provider offering affiliates and viewers a diverse range of programming choices. Retro Television Network was one of the first digital broadcast networks launched. Today, Luken Communications has six networks, with a combined reach of 80% of the country, each targeting a unique segment of consumers.

Our variety of family friendly networks includes:

• Retro TV - Simply the best in classic television
• Heartland - America’s home for country music and lifestyle programming
• The Family Channel - Fun, exciting and informative programs for the whole family
• Rev'n - TV geared toward the automotive enthusiast, featuring cars, trucks, motorcycles and more
• Frost Great Outdoors - Hunting, camping, fishing and great outdoor entertainment
• Action - Action, adventure and outdoor pursuits appealing to both men and women

Advertising with Luken Communications provides the following unique advantages:

• Multicast networks, offering a unique combination of over-the-air, cable and satellite viewers
• Brand association with beloved TV classics and strong family-friendly programming
• Customized sponsorship opportunities including family friendly programming
• National commercials for a fraction of traditional advertising investments
• Multiple networks to target specific audiences